about us


Skilled hands, precise and elegant gestures, fast and focused eyes, able to catch the minutest, invisible to others, details, a learned and sensitive palate and a religious passion for confectionery.

He is Efren, a certified chef who trained at Cipriani’s -one of the most renowned sanctuaries of international catering- and in 1999 founded “I Dolci di Efren”, a company that represents the purest expression of his approach to confectionery.


The Company

His story is an accurate balance of creativity and discipline, artistry and modernity, traditional childhood recipes and the sophisticated taste of unusual combinations. He is firmly determined to express the poetry of taste and style through his pastries, to gratify and reward the palate with a harmonious and elegant appearance.

“I Dolci di Efren” is an Europe-wide recognised brand, famous for the excellence and sophistication of its biscuits and cakes.